The technician went to the Network Settings, and entered a proper DNS server IP address. Once that happened, it worked. The support from Western Digital was superb. So to summarize, I now have powerful network visibility to access the My Cloud file shares not only locally, but remotely.

Aug 29, 2009 · the default IP range is in the manual, I believe. Do not Install MYONET, it's rubbish, makes transfer slows and gives annoying security everywhere. From the web portal you can create shares and set a name to your HD. at home I've mapped M to \\bob\Music on every machines, and P to \\bob\Photos and everyone access the drives. Hope this help. Nov 01, 2014 · For example, I see that my WD My Cloud has the internal IP, and that there is a "https" service under the port 443. Therefore, if I write in my explorer (like Intenet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) the following: it will open a web page that my NAS is serving to me, in order to configure the own NAS. By default, the network mode is set to DHCP, which means the WD My Cloud EX4 device automatically gets the IP address and other settings from your network. Select the method of assigning the device’s unique IPv4 address: • Open the default web browser on your remote computer and enter the external IP address of your router. When prompted, enter the router’s credentials in the given field and click the OK button. Once you have signed in, you can access your WD Cloud remotely. When you need quality surveillance, the WD ReadyView™ Surveillance System is the mobile-first, all-in-one solution with a simple NVR setup 1.This complete system includes four 4K (8MP) or 4MP or 2MP, dust- and water-resistant 2 cameras with night vision and motion detection, the award-winning WD Purple® drive storage that’s designed for 24/7 always-on surveillance recording, and no

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3 hours ago · Absolutely disappointed in the changes from My Cloud to My Cloud Home. WD has chosen to remove 95% of the useful networking features that existed on previous model lines for the same price. I can no longer recommend Western Digital NAS solutions in the sub 500$ range.