OpenDNS vs Google DNS: Which is Better ? OpenDNS was the undisputed solution to slow DNS earlier. Though the Level 3 DNS server ( was often better, lack of commitment from Level 3 to keep it available made choosing that option difficult. There has also been rumours of Level 3, shutting down the service. With the entry of Google DNS

OpenDNS vs GoogleDNS – Linux Hint This might feel like censorship. Third-party DNS server like Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, UltraDNS, DynGuide, and others can help you find ways around these restrictions. DNS Server Options. Here are the IP address for the OpenDNS and GoogleDNS. G o o g l e DNS. Preferred: Alternate: OpenDNS. Preferred: Alternate Any advantage to using Google's DNS servers VS your ISP's Aug 22, 2014 Google DNS vs OpenDNS - SpamLoco

How Fast Is Your ISP's DNS Server; Compare with Speed of

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May 15, 2010

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