Ok so I’ve had virgin now for a couple of weeks to take advantage of their faster connection. The only thing is the wireless connection is only good if I’m sitting right next to the router (hub 3) speeds fluctuate wildly. Also have my PS4 plugged into the box via Ethernet and it’s worse on average

Oct 21, 2017 · Internet speed fluctuates wildly only on MY computer in Network and Sharing. Windows 10 Pro. I have a number of devices in the house that use the Internet. They all Re: Wildly fluctuating download speeds Generally download speed should be consistent, but it does depend on where you are downloading from. If eg you are using p2p, it depends on the number of sources, where as if you use HTTP or FTP and the server has a decent bandwidth then you are likely to get a consistent rate. Nov 22, 2009 · I'm having sporadic problems with the internet. When it occurs, it seems to just hang there for 10 seconds or more and then "turn on" to load pages. I've run speedtests from speedtest.net and get wildly different results. Depends on overall traffic. U can't expect to always have consistency with online downloads. No matter how good your ISP or hardware is. Besides the things u can't control, this also occurs due to: others on your local network, what your background apps are doing, and if u are doing other things that are using your connection, such as via web browser and such.

Testing your internet speed; All of these variables make it very difficult to get a good picture of what your internet speed is, but using the speed test sites online can help. Here are a few that are good to run: - Speedtest.net (Apps for iOS and Android) - Broadband Reports (dslreports.com) - Fast.com (from Netflix)

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Jan 24, 2015

Feb 12, 2015 Solved: WIFI speed fluctuation | Tech Support Guy Sep 28, 2012 Internet speed noticeably slower at times | CenturyLink It's normal for your Internet connection speed to vary, but when it becomes noticeable and consistent, there could be something going on that needs to be addressed. Common things that can intermittently slow you down include: peak usage times, weather, electronic interference, viruses and malware, overworked routers, modems and/or computers.