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Oct 16, 2018 · To check your own IP address all you have to do is go to, and you will be shown the country you’re in, the state, your ISP, the browser you’re using, and the operating system. Here’s how you can check your IP address online: Find IP Address Country. Why can we find the IP address' country and location? It's because the owner of the IP address (ex. ISP and website) needs to submit relevant information when applying for the allocation of IP address. Find IP Location. IP address doesn't contain the location information by itself. IP2Location™ IP-Country Database [DB1] provides a solution to determine the country of origin for any IP address in a few simple steps. First, retrieve the IP address from the networking protocol or server-side variable of the Web server. An IP address is a 32-bit number that identifies each sender or receiver of information that is sent in packets across the Internet. When you request an HTML page or send e-mail, the Internet Protocol part of TCP/IP includes your IP address in the message (actually, in each of the packets if more than one is required) and sends it to the IP address that is obtained by looking up the domain

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Aug 14, 2008 · How do I retrieve the country name and the country code from the IP number? Search the IP-country database to match a unique record that has the IP number that fits between the beginning IP number and the ending IP number. For example, the IP address "" is equivalent to the IP number "3401190660". To check the current country mapping by test the IP address, visit the GeoIP2 City Database Demo page. In R80.10 and lower , customers who wish to restrict access to/from a specific country/continent based on IP addresses, should add them to the rule base as Host objects and have to install policy after every change.

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Domain and IP bulk lookup tool allows to lookup domain, location, ISP and ASN for multiple hosts (IPs or domains) at once. It also supports lookup of MX or NS DNS records for multiple domains. Free IP Lookup Geolocation API • • • ** ** ** Viet Nam (Country) IP Address allocation and assignment of static and dynamic IP addresses for Viet Nam Country. Check if IPv4 address is in the specified subnet; Apr 06, 2020 · The source or destination country of a particular address can be confirmed by running the following command from the CLI on the device. CLI Command Examples: > show location ip United States > show location ip Chile > show location ip China Check, Track, Search and Trace IP Address with IP Address Lookup. IPLookup Provides IP Address to geolocation query, identify visitor's geographical location ie. country, region, city and ISP.