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BOVPN on a Firebox Behind a Device That Does NAT

Mar 28, 2019

Setting up a site to site vpn with a partner. We have overlapping networks so we need to setup NAT. The partner does not want to pass private IP's over the VPN stating that it is best practice to not use private IP's.

Every time I have a Firebox behind someone else's NAT router, I set a static WAN IP on the Firebox that is on the ISP router's LAN (not in its DHCP range) and put that IP into the ISP router's DMZ. That lets all inbound ports hit the Firebox. Re: Access to OpenVPN server behind NAT Post by kuba__s » Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:03 am My problem is not to install and configure OpenVPN server on 'Router B', but to design whole solution to be able connect 'Client' with 'Router B', when both of them are behind NAT ( 'Router B' doesn't have public IP ). Apr 04, 2017 · Hi guys, i have two device, an USG-310 and an USG-60 respectivaly, USG-310 is in site A with public IP in your WAN, USG-60 is in site B behind double NAT, first is a router de ISP giving IPs private and continue other router TP-Link giving IPs private again.