Not getting ghosted takes some time to learn. I do not think there is a simple answer for you. It depends on what your are putting in your post title and your post body. I found I would get ghosted the most if I posted to many series symbols in a title.

Craigslist Green Ghosting: 7 Questions and Answers Jul 08, 2015 Ghosting on Craigslist | Craigslist's Dirty Little Secrets Mar 08, 2008 How to Avoid Craigslist Ghosting - EzineArticles It creates a lot of trouble for people because everybody does not get a fair chance to make their ads visible. If one person keeps posting the same thing again and again, his posts will always be at the top and other posts won't have a chance at being first. Let's look at a few methods on how to avoid ghosting on Craigslist.

Mar 26, 2014

Will any of my post get flagged or ghosted regarding the following scenario: I post 2 of the same ad the same day and post the same thing as a gig. Would I get flagged or ghosted? Or what if I just post the 2 ads and not the gig? Also how many ads can I post per day on craigslist without getting flagged or ghosted? How to Post on Craigslist® Nationwide - TD POSTING

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Jan 14, 2013 how to not get ghosted on craigslist - If you violate any of these rules you WILL get ghosted or your ads WILL get deleted;  1.  Never place more than 1 ad per 48 hours, per account  2.  Never place an ad or even sign into your Craigslist account without first cloaking your ip address to match the geo location … 9 Things To Absolutely Never Do After Being Ghosted